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Research Groups

Krister Kristensson, M.D., Ph.D.

Krister Kristensson

Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Research Focus

The research is focused on deciphering basic mechanisms by which infectious agents can propagate to the nervous system and how microbes interacts with neuronal cells to cause nervous system dysfunctions or neurodegeneration. Presently we are mainly investigating infections with prions and the African trypanosomes.

Selected Publications

Bentivoglio M, Kristensson K

Neural-immune interactions in disorders of sleep-wakefulness organization.

Trends in Neuroscience 30: 645-652, 2007

Nordström EK, Luhr KM, Ibáñez C, Kristensson K

Inhibitors of the MEK1/2 Signaling Pathway clear Prion-infected Cells from PrPSc.

Journal of Neuroscience 25: 8451  8456, 2005

Masocha W, Robertson B, Rottenberg ME, Mhlanga J, Sorokin L, Kristensson K

Cerebral vessel laminins and IFN-gamma define Trypanosoma brucei brucei penetration of the blood-brain barrier.

Journal of Clinical Investigation 114: 689-694, 2004

Luhr KM, Nordström EK, Löw P, Ljunggren H-G, Taraboulos A Kristensson K

Scrapie protein degradation by cysteine proteases in CD11c+ dendritic cells and GT1-1 neuronal cells.

Journal of Virology 78: 4776-4782, 2004

Vikman KS, Hill RH, Backström E, Robertson B, Kristensson K

Interferon-gamma induces characteristics of central sensitization in spinal dorsal horn neurons in vitro.

Pain 106: 241-251, 2003

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