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Research Groups

Kjell Fuxe, M.D.

Kjell Fuxe

Division of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Research Focus

This division at the Department of Neuroscience studies the anatomy and function of central dopamine, noradrenalin and 5-hydroxytryptamine neurons, intercellular communication in the brain (especially volume transmission and its architecture), receptor-receptor interactions within receptor mosaics, and strategies for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, depression, schizophrenia, cocaine addiction and cannabinoid abuse.

Our current focus is: (1) Adaptive changes in D2 receptor containing heteromeric receptor mosaics as a molecular mechanism for cocaine addiction and cannabis abuse where A2A agonists may prevent cocaine addiction; (2) Understanding the molecular mechanism behind the antiparkinsonian actions of A2A antagonists and an evaluation of CB1 and mGluR5 antagonists as a potential new antiparkinsonian therapy; (3) The existence of different types of galanin receptor/5-HT1A receptor mosaics and their role in depression and the introduction of galanin receptor antagonists as antidepressant drugs; (4) Neurotrophic effects on the 5-HT raphe-forebrain neuron system as a mechanism for the therapeutic actions of antidepressant drugs; (5) Understanding the molecular mechanism for the neurotensin receptor 1 (NTS1)/dopamine D2 receptor interaction and its relevance for schizophrenia and depression.

Selected Publications

Schwarzschild MA, Agnati L, Fuxe K, Chen JF, Morelli M

Targeting adenosine A2A receptors in Parkinson's disease.

Trends in Neuroscience 29: 647-654, 2006

Fuxe K, Canals M, Torvinen M, Marcellino D, Terasmaa A, Genedani S, Leo G, Guidolin D, Diaz-Cabiale Z, Rivera A, Lundstrom L, Langel U, Narvaez J, Tanganelli S, Lluis C, Ferré S, Woods A, Franco R, Agnati LF

Intramembrane receptor-receptor interactions: a novel principle in molecular medicine.

Journal of Neural Transmission 114: 49-75, 2007

Fuxe K, Dahlström A, Höistad M, Marcellino D, Jansson A, Rivera A, Diaz-Cabiale Z, Jacobsen K, Tinner-Staines B, Hagman B, Leo G, Staines W, Guidolin D, Kehr J, Genedani S, Belluardo N, Agnati LF

From the Golgi-Cajal mapping to the transmitter-based characterization of the neuronal networks leading to two modes of brain communication: wiring and volume transmission.

Brain Research Review 55: 17-54, 2007

Fuxe K, Marcellino D, Genedani S, Agnati L

Adenosine A(2A) receptors, dopamine D(2) receptors and their interactions in Parkinson's disease.

Movement Disorders 22:1990-2017, 2007

Marcellino D, Carriba P, Filip M, Borgkvist A, Frankowska M, Bellido I, Tanganelli S, Müller CE, Fisone G, Lluis C, Agnati LF, Franco R, Fuxe K

Antagonistic cannabinoid CB(1)/dopamine D(2) receptor interactions in striatal CB(1)/D(2) heteromers. A combined neurochemical and behavioral analysis.

Neuropharmacology 54: 815-823, 2008

Fuxe K, Marcellino D, Rivera A, Diaz-Cabiale Z, Filip M, Gago B, Roberts DC, Langel U, Genedani S, Ferraro L, de la Calle A, Narvaez J, Tanganelli S, Woods A, Agnati LF

Receptor-receptor interactions within receptor mosaics. Impact on neuropsychopharmacology.

Brain Research Review 2008 (in press: Available online 28 January 2008)

Professor Kjell Fuxe

08-524 870 78
08-31 57 21
Department of Neuroscience
Division of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Karolinska Institutet
Retzius väg 8
S-17177 Stockholm, Sweden