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Research Groups

Tatiana Deliagina, Ph.D.

Tatiana Deliagina

Deliagina Laboratory

Research Focus

The general goal of our research is to understand the organization and operation of the neuronal networks responsible for maintenance of the basic body posture. Our experimental strategy is to investigate postural mechanisms in the animal "models" of different complexity  a lower vertebrate (lamprey), and two mammalian species, rabbit and cat, to reveal common basic principles of postural control.

In the lamprey, we are studying (i) the organization of the neuronal networks responsible for stabilization of the body orientation in different planes, (ii) their modifications caused by environmental factors (which evoke a change of the stabilized orientation), (iii) impairment of operation of these networks caused by vestibular deficit, (iv) process of encoding and decoding of central commands for postural corrections. For this purpose, we have developed a number of novel techniques, which allow studying the orientation-dependent activity of individual neurons in vivo and in vitro.

In the rabbit and cat, we are studying a contribution of spinal and supraspinal mechanisms to the trunk stabilization. For this purpose (i) we are analyzing supraspinal commands for postural corrections; (ii) we characterize impairment and recovery of postural control after damage to different spinal pathways; (iii) we are testing different means (local pharmacological and electrical stimulation, training, etc.) with the aim to promote restoration of postural function after spinal cord injury.

Selected Publications

Beloozerova IN, Sirota MG, Orlovsky GN, Deliagina TG

Activity of pyramidal tract neurons in the cat during postural corrections.

Journal of Neurophysiology 93: 1831-1844, 2005

Lyalka VF, Zelenin PV, Karayannidou A, Orlovsky GN., Grillner S, Deliagina TG

Impairment and recovery of postural control in rabbits with spinal cord lesions.

Journal of Neurophysiology 94 :3677-90, 2005

Deliagina TG, Sirota MG, Zelenin PV, Orlovsky GN, Beloozerova IN

Interlimb postural coordination in the standing cat.

Journal of Physiology 573: 211-224, 2006

Zelenin PV, Orlovsky GN, Deliagina TG

Sensory-motor transformation by individual command neurons.

Journal of Neuroscience 27: 1024-1032, 2007

Deliagina TG, Beloozerova IN, Zelenin PV, Orlovsky GN

Spinal and supraspinal postural networks.

Brain Research Review 57: 212-221, 2008

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